Tharrin – Deceased

Deep in the Ire Woods lies the small druidic encampment of Jilgrath, here a handful of elven druids, spend their time tending to nature and defending the ways of the old gods.

Within the camp grew an Elf by the name of Tharrin, here he lived with his family. His father, Sinderion. his mother, Alanis and his Sister, Alarielle. His father was one of the elder druids in the camp, though the camp itself treat all as equals. Unlike most druid circles where the elders would oversee the going ons in the camps.

As a coming of age ritual, Tharrin and 2 other elves the same age as him had to undertake The Trials of Kynareth. The ritual would see the three lead to the oldest tree in the forest, kneel before it and enter a meditative state, whilst under the glow of a full moon. Night turned to dawn, and dawn to dusk again before Tharrin regained his consciousness, having passed the ritual, he was now imbued with the power to change his shape to guard the borders of nature should it be needed.

Time passed without any interaction with races from the outside, until roughly 3 years later.


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