Shallow Cove

A little Village between Marsh’un and Stillben.

The village is comprised of mainly wooden huts, with a few of them having stone bases and supports, The village has only 2 buildings of note, a blacksmith and an apothecary. Most residents of the town are human, with a single female gnome.

There had been a series of disappearances over the last year of children from the town. But after a battle, the group defeated the 2 Hags that were kidnapping the children, and also managed to save the 3 most recent children.

The Group are now seen as heroes to the townspeople of Shallow Cove

People Of Note
Finian Crowpeak – The towns Elder, and leader through birthright.

Mary Sunseeker – The towns apothecary and only non human in the village

Tiff Mirrel – The towns Blacksmith, her son was kidnapped by the hags but then rescued by the group

Shallow Cove

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