The captial city of the Nibeny area of Alara.

Tiriande is commonly known as the high city, due to the obvious land mark within the centre of the city, the “High City” this area is only for the wealthiest and most influential of people in Nibeny and other diplomats and envoys. Many shops line the streets, with cultures from all races having an influence on the city, the architecture itself looking very venetian and clean cut.


High City

- Royal Palace
- The Ivory Tower
- Prakhata Club
- Senate Building
- Open Halls

Lower City

Temple District
-Bahamut (justice)
-Ioun (knowledge)
-Pelor (sun/healing)
-Sirrion (Fire & Nature)
-Zivilyn (Wisdom)
-Solinari (Magic)
-Custodus (Rulership)

-Brighthearth Foundry

-The Astrarium

-Gern’s Glorious Goods

-Tin Street Market – A Bazaar ran secretly by the Black Rose.

-The King’s Mace
-The Palmed Diamond Inn
-The Crossed Hammers


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