Lou-Kang Skywatcher

Large, Goliath, Barbarian



Born atop Red Peak, the highest mountain in Alara, and home to the Goliath Clan Gruul, His father Orruk Legbreaker, and his Mother Manna Bearkiller. He was given the task name of Sky Watcher. A role many see as essential for the survival of the tribe. This role would ensure the borders of the tribe were safe. As time progressed within the Gruul, Lou-Kang created a bond with nature that many others were not able too, eventually creating a bond so strong that through rituals Lou-Kang was able to call upon his spirit animal to help guide him in his search for intruders.

With time looking out towards these borders, a sense of wanderlust settled into his mind, what else was out there. With a plea to the clans elder, Borborygmos, The Enraged. Lou-Kang was able to give himself the freedom to travel south and explore more of Alara.

Lou-Kang Skywatcher

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